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Anti Fatigue mats and matting

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    Jaymart's range of anti fatigue matting is the best way of keeping both your employees and your profits in good condition. There is plenty of evidence of the tiredness, pain and other physical problems that standing still for a long time can inflict on various parts of the body; so Jaymart's anti fatigue matting has been developed to encourage foot movement in people who, for whatever reason, find themselves standing up for extended periods of time.

    When people shift their feet they expand and contract their leg muscles, keeping the blood circulating in their legs and feet, and greatly reducing their chances of suffering muscular problems or varicose veins as a result. This foot movement also has the effect of altering people's posture enough that they avoid putting prolonged pressure on the same muscles and joints, thereby preventing muscle spasms, tension and pain.

    With Jaymart's anti fatigue matting your people will be kept fitter, healthier, motivated and more productive. Unlike cold, hard floors, anti fatigue matting creates a comfortable and healthy working environment that helps to protect against headaches, backache, stiff or swollen joints, muscular pain and simple fatigue; allowing people to concentrate for longer, and reducing their chances of having an accident.


    Anti-fatigue standing mats
    Available in Standard general purpose quality Grey or Nitrile oil and grease proof quality Black
    16mm thick
    more information
    Super-safe heavy duty anti-fatigue standing mats & matting
    Black & Yellow borders or Grey
    14mm thick
    more information
    Anti-fatigue standing matting system
    Available in plain Black or Black with Yellow "Safety Alert" bevelled edges.
    12mm thick
    more information
    Combined anti-fatigue & slip-resistant heavy duty rubber link mat
    Standard Quality in Black Oil & Grease Resistant Quality in Terracotta
    more information
    Anti-fatigue ribbed rubber mats
    Colour: Black
    more information
    Anti-fatigue standing safety mats & matting
    more information
    Interlocking system extra heavy duty multipurpose specialist ergonomically designed resilient rubber anti-fatigue cushion safety flooring/matting
    Black Blue Green or Red.
    more information
    Combined anti-fatigue and slip resistant extra heavy duty rubber link matting
    Colours: Black and Terracotta.
    more information
    Interlocking extra heavy duty rubber grease proof and resistant anti-fatigue safety mattings
    OPEN CONSTRUCTION COLOUR: Brick Red (grease proof quality) and Black (grease resistant quality) CLOSED CONSTRUCTION COLOUR: Standard quality Black only. BEVELLED EDGE INTERLOCKING SECTION COLOUR: Black, Yellow and Brick Red.
    more information
    Pebble grained or standard ribbed anti-slip closed-cell air cushioned vinyl anti-fatigue
    COLOURS: Plain Black Plain Grey Plain Brown or Black with Yellow Safety Borders
    10mm thick
    more information
    Bubbled rubber ergonomic anti-fatigue standing mat. Black with yellow SAFETY ALERT anti-trip bevelled edges.
    Colour: Black with yellow edges.
    14mm thick
    more information
    Heavy duty open construction multi-purpose rubber link mat with anti-trip bevelled edges to all 4 sides.
    Colour: Standard Black and Oil & Grease Proof Terracotta.
    12mm thick
    more information
    Octagonal design open construction all-purpose rubber anti-fatigue safety mats with moulded bevelled anti-trip edges.
    Colour: Oil and Grease proof nitrile quality Terracotta or standard quality (not oil or grease proof) Black.
    13mm thick
    more information
    Rubber duckboard safety matting with straight edges and interlocking rubber duckboard safety matting with bevelled edging.
    Colour: Black.
    21mm thick
    more information
    Interlocking system diamond top anti-fatigue rubber safety standing matting - black with anti-trip bevelled edges.
    Colour: Black
    12mm thick
    more information
    ZED-TRED 90
    Ribbed PVC anti-fatigue matting
    Blue & Grey
    13mm thick
    more information

    Anti-Fatigue and Duckboard matting catalogue

    ...and deliver

    The result of all this is that people are happier, their energy levels are higher, they work better for longer, and productivity is increased: it has, in fact, been shown that people who work standing up can reduce their levels of fatigue by up to 50% simply by standing on anti fatigue matting.

    Jaymart's anti fatigue matting products also reduce the shock on joints when walking; some are even chemical and grease resistant, slip resistant even in wet conditions, resistant to static electricity, and what's more, with a great range of colours and styles they look good too.

    So, with Jaymart's anti fatigue matting, your people will be able to stand - & really deliver!

    PLEASE CALL JAYMART ON 01373 864926


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